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Questions for the first visit in a primary school

My list of Qs for private international schools in the Netherlands:  

- how many children are in the class?
- is it possible to see hot lunch menu? can we choose some specific diet? Do they have snack time? 
- can we (parents) attend 1 or 2 lessons?
- how do staff help kid to adapt taking into consideration current English level?
- how do teachers respond if a child hits, bites, or kicks. Do they let children work out problems on their own or help facilitate a resolution? Do they use time-outs or other disciplinary techniques?
- what is the school's bullying policy?
- what is the drop-off and pick-up policy?
- what is the staff turnover every year?
- do you have some Ukrainian families? can we contact them?
- what is philosophies and general approach in your school?
- how do parents involve in the process? do you have some families activities? Committee?

- on this level do the class has one major teacher?  does teacher have an assistant? how many teachers do kids visit during the day?
- can we meet potential teacher for his class?
- do kids change class-rooms during the day?
- is school divided by age? do older students intersects with younger?
- How much free play time do the children have?
- what is a gender balance in a class we are applying to?  
- do you have some art-laboratory, design classes, drama studio?
- which additional classes can kid attend?
- do you involve kids in some volunteers projects? charity projects?
- are there andy kids with special needs?
- can we see the premises? (toilets?!)
- are any additional events like excursions and additional classes (sport, music) included in annual fee?
- do you have summer camp?
- do their use iPad for academic process? how much?

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